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March 2017 Board Minutes

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Board Members Present: Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Sherry Griswold, Shane Millette, Tom McKenna, Heather Torok, and Jeremy Holmes (minutes).  Read more...

February 2017 Board Minutes

Sunday, March 19, 2017


January 2017 Board Minutes

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Board Members Present: Paul Breitzmann, David Kantor, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Sherry Griswold, Shane Millette, Tom McKenna, Heather Torok, James Kaltenbach, and Jeremy Holmes (minutes).

Board Members Absent:

Staff Present: Doug Aubin, Erin Justice

Staff Absent: Rev. Daniel Budd

  • 1.CALL TO ORDER: 7:02pm
  • 2.OPENING WORDS by David Kantor
  • 3.BOARD COVENANT: Read by those in attendance.
  • 4.CONFLICT OF INTEREST: None identified.
  • a.November Board Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve minutes made by Cat White; Seconded by Matt Smith. Unanimously approved.
  • 6.Parish Minister’s report- Rev. Daniel Budd (provided before meeting). Highlights include:
  • a.Overview of recent worship services
  • b.Continued planning with the 150th anniversary committee
  • c.Monthly meeting at Judson Park has been suspended, but Rev. Budd continues to make regular pastoral care visits there.
  • 7.First Unitarian Dashboard
  • a.November
  • i.Average monthly attendance was 136
  • ii.One new member joined
  • b.December
  • i.Average monthly attendance was 143
  • ii.Two new members joined
  • 8.Administrator’s report- Doug Aubin (provided before meeting). Highlights include:
  • a.The church’s snow removal company was hired to shovel and salt the walks this winter. This was a liability concern due to not having a full-time custodian who would keep the walks clear and salted.
  • b.Doug is working with three firms to get estimates on costs to have the building cleaned one or two times per week to see if it is cost-effective.
  • c.Working with Ken Kuehm to get quotes from vendors to explore options for replacing the boiler. Hoping to have recommendations for February Board meeting.
  • d.A letter was received regarding a $10,000 bequest to the church from the estate of Stanley Stone. Discussion about sending a thank-you note and receipt for donation.
  • e.After February, Kindermusik will no longer rent space from us. This will free up two rooms for meetings or to rent out.
  • a.SLT 3: Employment, Compensation, and Benefits- compliance reported.
  • i.SLT 3: Let the record show that henceforth, the board intends to offer health insurance through the UUA plan to eligible staff. Rev. Daniel Budd prefers to remain with his ACA plan for the remainder of his employment here, and we were able to accommodate him. Rev. Budd was informed, in writing, that the funds remaining in his budgeted health care expense for 2016/17 will be divided evenly and added to his remaining paychecks. Any direct payments by the Church of dental, disability or other insurance premiums are to be deducted from his paycheck.
  • ii.Motion to approve SLT 3 report was made by Paul Breitzmann; seconded by Shane Millette. Unanimously approved.
  • 10.Finance report- Matt Smith
  • a.Matt reviewed the budget projection that he put together to give the Board and Finance Committee an estimate of where the finances are halfway through the year.
  • i.Matt anticipates coming in within the budget that was presented to the congregation for this year, but still running a deficit.
  • ii.Stewardship levels are below that which was expected.
  • iii.Discussion and review of the finance report for November and December.
  • 11.Stewardship updates- Eileen McCully, David Kantor 
  • a.The Stewardship Committee has been formed and they have crafted a letter to send out to the congregation. 
  • i.Important Dates 
  • 1.Major givers and 50-year members event on February 4th at Eileen McCully’s house. 
  • a.Eileen requested volunteers for February 4th  
  • i.Shane Millette, James Kaltenbach, Matt Smith, and Sherry Griswold volunteered.
  • 2.After service on February 12th will be a brunch for the kickoff of the stewardship campaign.
  • a.Eileen requested volunteers for February 12th
  • i.Cat White, Paul Breitzmann, Jeremy Holmes volunteered. Other Board members will let Eileen know if they can help.
  • b.The Stewardship Committee met and decided not to try to contact all members of the church this year.
  • i.The Stewardship Committee requested a few volunteers to call major givers for the pledge drive. 
  • 1. David Kantor, Tom McKenna, and Bill Morgan volunteered to make calls.
  • 12.Membership updates- Eileen McCully, Erin Justice
  • a.Membership Committee includes David Kantor, Laurie Eldridge, Eileen McCully, Mani Pierce, Debbie Wright, Terry Robbins
  • b.Erin Justice shared ideas with the Board for how to welcome visitors and grow membership.
  • i.Membership packet and visitor cards are being updated.
  • ii.Personal contact to visitors of the church.
  • iii.Erin stressed a focus on how to attract more millennials to the church.
  • iv.Better using the Church’s social media platforms to attract and connect more people to the church.
  • 13.Religious Education update- Eileen McCully
  • a.Eileen and Meg Pauken interviewed a candidate for a temporary, part-time Director of Lifespan Faith Development on 1/17/17. This person is a retired minister who has been through interim training and has experience in that area, which is seen as a positive, given changes going on in the Church at this time.
  • 14.Ministerial Search
  • a.The interim minister search committee has been formed. Members include: Kevin Ortner (chair), Laurie Albright, Anne Siebert, Dawn Arrington, Mark Bradbourne, Paul Breitzmann, Bill Morgan.
  • i.The first meeting of the group has been set with Renee Ruchotzke to start the process.
  • b.A volunteer is needed for the position of Board liaison to the Nominating Committee due to a vacancy created by one of the members joining the interim minister search committee.
  • i.David Kantor volunteered.
  • 15.Summer worship update and Mark Weber Commission
  • a.Mark is going to be meeting with a group of ministers to review whether he will be commissioned as one of our lay leaders. Discussion about a letter of agreement between the Board and Mark.
  • i.Paul Breitzmann made a motion to approve the letter of agreement; seconded by Matt Smith. Unanimously approved.
  • 16.Board office hours
  • a.Discussion about whether Board office hours are still needed or helpful as no congregants have showed up the last couple weeks.
  • i.Board agreed to publicize the office hours more over the next month to see if more people come instead of discontinuing the office hours.
  • b.Eileen requested Board members sign up for dates in Basecamp.
  • 17.Calendar of upcoming events:
  • a.New U.U. March 11th.
  • b.Major Givers February 4th.
  • c.Stewardship Kick-off Brunch February 12th.
  • d.Leadership Luncheon March 19th.
  • e.U.U. Tour of Cleveland on April 22nd.
  • f.Church auction tentatively scheduled for April 23rd.
  • g.Garden Fest/Open House on May 21st.
  • 18.OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for February Board meeting to be provided by Shane Millette.
  • 19.CLOSING WORDS: Closing words by David Kantor.
  • 20.BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 8:21pm.
  • a.Update regarding attendance
  • b.Sabbatical
  • c.Accountability

November 2016 Board Minutes

Monday, January 30, 2017

Board Members Present: Paul Breitzmann, David Kantor, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Sherry Griswold, Shane Millette, Tom McKenna, Heather Torok, James Kaltenbach, and Jeremy Holmes (minutes).

Board Members Absent:

Staff Present: Doug Aubin.

Staff Absent: Rev. Daniel Budd (Prairie Group).

  • 1.CALL TO ORDER: 7:01pm
  • 2.OPENING WORDS by Tom McKenna
  • 3.BOARD COVENANT: Read by those in attendance.
  • a.December Board meeting at Eileen McCully’s home on 12/16/16.
  • 5.CONFLICT OF INTEREST: None identified.
  • a.October Board Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve minutes made by Paul Breitzmann; Seconded by Cat White Unanimously approved.
  • 7.REPLACING THE CHURCH SIGN- Cindy Taylor (guest)
  • a.A task force was created of Tom Gibson, Julie Short, Nancy Allman, Matt Smith, Natalie Wardega, and Cynthia Taylor.
  • b.Task force is considering the front sign, signs at each parking lot entrance, monitors inside the building at each parking lot entrance, removable/replaceable banners to be displayed over the sign in front of the church or above the columns.
  • c.The task force explored many different types of signs and designs, have talked with the city, and have narrowed their favorites down to two main options. Cindy presented preliminary designs to the Board for input.
  • d.The Board approved the task force to move forward with getting estimates for specific designs.
  • 8.PRESIDENT’S REPORT- Eileen McCully
  • a.Impact
  • i.The top priority for Impact now is finding a new director for the program.
  • ii.Daniel, Jan Devereux, and Kate Greenfield will plan to meet by the spring to update the language in the current agreement. Discussion about having a Board member look at the contract soon to assist.
  • b.Pastoral letter from Rev. Budd to the congregation was mailed out. Discussion about feedback thus far from the congregation.
  • c.New Community Relations Director by the name of Erin Justice has been hired. Her first day will be 11/28/16.
  • d.Director of Lifespan Faith Development search
  • i.Eileen gave the job description to Renee Ruchotzke who will post it on the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) website. Looking for a 20hrs/week person to help support the ARE and YRE committees and perform essential functions.
  • e.Stewardship
  • i.The Stewardship Committee met and decided not to try to contact all members of the church this year.
  • ii.Eileen asked for volunteers to call the major givers of the church.
  • iii.Looking at doing the “kickoff” event on 2/12/16.
  • f.Anniversary
  • i.The celebration gathering at Trinity Church for the anniversary will have a reception afterwards instead of a dinner.
  • ii.A U.U. bus tour of Cleveland is being organized for the Spring.
  • g.Sign up for Board “office hours” after church services. Discussion of experience of Board members from the past couple weeks.
  • h.Eileen asked the Board for suggestions for heritage committee members.
  • a.Administrator’s report- Doug Aubin (provided before meeting). Highlights include:
  • i.Custodian
  • 1.Doug is very happy with how our part-time custodian Dustin Johnson is doing. His hours may be increased while the Head Custodian job is still open.
  • 2.Bob Romeo is being paid a retainer to be available for emergency repairs. He has also asked for the ability to bid on jobs that the church is contracting out.
  • ii.The boiler has a cracked heat exchanger that is leaking. The heat exchanger is still under warranty, but the labor costs would be approx. $19,000. Replacing the boiler would cost approx. $46,000. Bob feels that the church can get another year or two from the boiler by using an additive to help seal the leak.
  • iii.Bob will be fixing the fan on the convection oven which broke on this past Sunday.
  • iv.Doug is exploring options to re-key the building including digital options.
  • v.First Unitarian Dashboard
  • 1.Average monthly attendance in October was 131
  • 2.Five new members joined the church.
  • b.Parish Minister’s report (provided before meeting).
  • i.Rev. Budd provided a written report in his absence as he is attending Prairie Group. Highlights include:
  • 1.Decision to move late Christmas Eve service to 8:00 based on feedback from prior years to make it easier for people to attend the pot luck between services.
  • 2.In consultation with Exec. Committee it was decided there would not be a service on Christmas Day.
  • 3.All five of the people who attended the UU and You workshop on 10/29/16 joined the church following the workshop.
  • a.SLT 5- Financial Condition and Activities. Compliance reported.
  • b.SLT 6- Asset Protection. Compliance reported within the budget. Non-compliance reported on matters for which there are limited or no funds.
  • c.SLT 8- Investment Fund. Compliance reported.
  • d.Motion to approve SLT reports 5, 6, and 8 was made by Paul Breitzmann; seconded by Meg Pauken. Unanimously approved.
  • a.Finance report- Matt Smith
  • i.Discussion about the finance report for October.
  • ii.Matt Smith asked about the deficit in the permaculture garden restricted account.
  • 1.Bricks are still available to be engraved to raise money for the permaculture garden. Doug will include this in the newsletter to let people know.
  • b.Policy-based governance (PBG)- Sherry Griswold, Cat White, Heather Torok
  • i.Discussion about how the Board wants to act on the PBG monitoring model including the writing of reports about compliance. The Board acknowledges that there may be many areas of PBG non-compliance this year with the changes that have occurred regarding staff roles and turnover. Discussion highlights include:
  • 1.Monitoring reports can be an important historical document for how we are conducting business. Putting it off would be easier but may not give an accurate picture of the church governance for this year.
  • 2.Concern about the time the reports take to write and review when the Board has so many other important points of business this year including conducting the search process for several new staff.
  • 3.Suggestion was made to put off reviewing the monitoring reports (except for Administrator’s quarterly monitoring reports) for one meeting at the end of the year. This would both allow more time for other business at the other Board meetings and ensure that the governance for the year is documented.
  • c.Ministerial Search
  • i.Cat White, Meg Pauken, Eileen McCully, Matt Smith, and Tom McKenna met to discuss different approaches for how to proceed with a ministerial search and what the next steps should be.
  • ii.Recommendation from sub-committee to the Board is to proceed with hiring a trained interim minister. Feeling is that the skills and training of an interim minister would help the congregation explore where we want to go next.
  • iii.Discussion about the pros and cons of hiring an interim minister and the application/search process.
  • 12.OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for January Board meeting to be provided by David Kantor.
  • 13.CLOSING WORDS: Closing words by Tom McKenna.
  • 14.BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 9:04pm.
  • a.Update regarding Community Minister Affiliated
  • b.Director of Lifespan Faith Development Exit Interview

October 2016 Board Minutes

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Board Members Present: Paul Breitzmann, David Kantor, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Sherry Griswold, Shane Millette, Heather Torok, Tom McKenna, and Jeremy Holmes (minutes).

Staff Present: Daniel Budd, Doug Aubin.

Absent: James Kaltenbach

  • 1.CALL TO ORDER: 7:01pm
  • 2.OPENING WORDS by Meg Pauken
  • 3.BOARD COVENANT: Read by those in attendance.
  • 4.Announcements
  • a.Anti-racism vigil
  • i.This week and next, a group of people (most from First U. Cleveland) will been holding or putting out anti-racism signs along Shaker Blvd.
  • b.The church calendar has been embedded on the website. People can now look at the updated church calendar online at any time.
  • c.Church member Bill Boxler has approached Eileen McCully about helping the church with sending out electronic communications.
  • d.Halloween Party for the congregation will take place on 10/28/16
  • e.Rev. Daniel Budd and Eve Bendezu are having a New to U.U. Workshop on 10/29/16.
  • f.Grief Workshop being held by Rev. Patricia Sheldon on 10/29/16.
  • 5.CONFLICT OF INTEREST: None identified.
  • a.September Board Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve minutes made by Paul Breitzmann, seconded by David Kantor. Unanimously approved.
  • 7.Head Custodian Bob Romeo has put in notice that he is resigning. His last day is scheduled to be 11/11/16.
  • 8.Heritage update- John Gibbon
  • a.The Heritage committee is working to help people become more familiar with the church’s history and how significant it has been to many peoples’ lives and to the Cleveland area. The committee also wants people to think about planned giving to the church to help with its financial well-being moving forward.
  • i.Historian Virginia Dawson has been commissioned by the Heritage committee to do a full history of the church.
  • b.One of the committee’s missions is to start talking with people about planned giving and asking people to consider it. They are planning a series of seminars to help educate congregants about planned giving and will have a guest speaker lead these seminars.
  • c.How the Board can help
  • i.John requested that the Board help come up ideas for individuals who may be good to consider asking to be members of the committee as they are currently seeking two more members.
  • 9.Stewardship
  • a.Alison Bashian and Barbara Bradley have agreed to assist with the stewardship campaign this year.
  • i.Tom McKenna and David Kantor from the Board have volunteered to help Alison and Barbara with the campaign.
  • 10.Membership committee update
  • a.Eileen McCully has asked several people to serve on the membership committee. She is seeking more volunteers.
  • b.Eileen has been helping with some aspects of the membership position. She has been reaching out to visitors and inviting them to things at the church.
  • c.Eileen has not heard from other qualified candidates for the membership position. She has also reached out to the other churches in the area to ask them to inform
  • i.Cat White suggested posting the job on the website Idealist.
  • 11.Impact
  • a.The schedule for this year will be after school on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • b.The contract with Impact developed years ago specifies that the DRE will provide executive oversight of Impact. With help from Jan Devereux, updates will be made the contract with Impact to more accurately reflect the relationship between Impact and the church.
  • 12.SLT report from Minister- Rev. Daniel Budd (report provided before meeting). Highlights include:
  • a.Rev. Marge Corletti received a very warm reception this past Sunday when she came to speak at the church.
  • b.Rev. Budd and Rev. Sheldon were able to attend part of the ministerial retreat for the Ohio-Meadville chapter of the UU Ministers Association.
  • 13.SLT report from Administrator - Doug Aubin (report provided before meeting). Highlights include:
  • a.During the cork floor project, it was discovered that the copper pipes in room 106 are corroded and they are in the process of being replaced.
  • b.Volunteers are taking on some of the tasks associated with creating the weekly e-blast and Order of Service to free up some of Doug’s time so that he can focus on other tasks.
  • c.The audit is scheduled to start on 10/24/16.
  • d.First Unitarian Dashboard
  • i.Average monthly attendance in September was 152.
  • 14.SLT 7- Grants and Contracts
  • a.SLT reports compliance.
  • 15.SLT 8- Investment Fund
  • a.SLT reports compliance.
  • b.Two typos were noted by Tom McKenna and will be corrected by Doug Aubin.
  • c.Paul Breitzmann moved to approve both SLT 7 and SLT 8 with the noted corrections to the typos, Shane Millette seconds. Approved unanimously.
  • 16.YRE and ARE Update
  • a.The ARE and YRE committees have been working hard to pick up the slack by Bethany Ward leaving and Eileen expressed her gratitude for this.
  • i.Eileen asked for volunteers to help with tasks for YRE on some Sunday mornings.
  • 1.Meg Pauken, Paul Breitzmann, and Sherry Griswold volunteered.
  • ii.The ARE committee is discussing whether to cut back on offerings due to a lack of a strong leader for these programs. There was discussion regarding having the region provide a facilitation workshop to help provide skills and training to individuals to lead programs.
  • 17.DLFD Compensation-
  • a.The letter of resignation written by Bethany Ward stated that she has accrued eight weeks of “study time” and has used four weeks of this time. There was discussion about whether the Board agrees to pay for this unused study time.
  • i.The board unanimously agreed that it was not specified in Bethany’s offer that she would be paid for additional study time.
  • b.Discussion about vacation compensation owed to Bethany Ward per her contract and the employee handbook.
  • i.Specific records of vacation days that Bethany used during her time with the church were not kept. The board agrees in good faith to take Bethany’s word on the number of vacation days used and when they were taken.
  • ii.The handbook specifies that employees can roll-over up to 20 vacation days. Bethany accrued five days of vacation this year, plus the 20 she rolled over from last year. Bethany reported that she took seven vacation days in July 2016. This would leave 18 vacation days owed to Bethany per policy.
  • iii.A request has been made by the Committee for the DLFD for the Board to consider paying Bethany Ward for four additional unused weeks of vacation as a parting package. The Board discussed this request.
  • 1.A motion was made by Meg Pauken that the Board formally consider whether to go beyond policy to pay out more than the 18 days of vacation owed to Bethany, Paul Breitzmann seconded. The Board voted not to deviate from policy to pay out additional vacation time to Bethany as a parting package.
  • 18.Treasurer’s Report- Matt Smith
  • a.The Board was informed that the paid lead teachers will be treated as independent contractors.
  • b.A raise for Head Custodian Bob Romeo was proposed and approved by the Finance Committee.
  • 19.Congregational Conversation- Meg Pauken, Paul Breitzmann
  • a.The plan is to have an interactive exercise regarding the church’s programming and other expenses and to have people choose what they would like the church to look like within a certain budget. Congregants/groups will prioritize what parts of church are most important to them. This information will be collected to give the Board a better understanding of the congregation’s priorities. There will be a family-oriented pot-luck to try and reach out to members who are not able to make it to a conversation after church.
  • b.Meg and Paul requested that members of the Board attend the conversation or the potluck.
  • c.Discussion was held about whether to put aside this session for another time and to instead have the congregational conversation about the situation with the recent staff turnover and concerns that have been raised by members of the congregation.
  • i.The Board decided to change the focus of the congregational conversation to allow an open forum for the congregation to share their concerns and ask questions about staff turnover and next steps towards hiring new staff.
  • 20.Policy-Based Governance: The conversation about PBG was tabled for next month to allow more time to discuss staffing issues.
  • 21.Next steps regarding ministerial transition-
  • a.Letters from congregants with thoughts and concerns were discussed.
  • b.The Board discussed how to prioritize the searches for a new RE professional and minister.
  • i.The Board agreed that there is a short-term need for someone to help with the RE programming.
  • 1.Eileen will reach out to CER Primary Contact Renee Ruchotzke about people in the cluster who may be able to fill this role, including part-time professionals serving other area U.U. congregations.
  • c.Discussion was held about whether the Board thinks the Church should be seeking an interim minister or a developmental minister.
  • i.A subcommittee was formed to further discuss the topic of interim vs. developmental minister. This subcommittee will present to the board more information and will make recommendations to the Board for consideration.
  • 1.Tom McKenna, Eileen McCully, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, and Cat White have agreed to be on the subcommittee.
  • 22.OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for November Board meeting to be provided by Tom McKenna.
  • 23.CLOSING WORDS: Closing words by Meg Pauken.
  • 24.BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 9:55pm.

September 2016 Board Minutes

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Board Members Present: Paul Breitzmann, James Kaltenbach, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Sherry Griswold, Shane Millette, Heather Torok, Tom McKenna, David Kantor, and Jeremy Holmes (minutes).

Staff Present: Daniel Budd, Doug Aubin, and Bethany Ward.


  • 1.CALL TO ORDER: 7:01pm
  • 2.OPENING WORDS by Paul Breitzmann
  • 3.BOARD COVENANT: Read by those in attendance.
  • 4.Welcome Tom McKenna: Tom has agreed to serve the remaining two years of the vacant Board position.
  • 5.Save the dates:
  • a.Growth through service congregational conversation on 9/25
  • b.Leadership lunch 10/2
  • c.Board hosted congregational conversation 10/23 related to Growth and Development.
  • 6.CONFLICT OF INTEREST: None identified.
  • a.August Board Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve minutes made by Paul Breitzmann. Seconded by Matt Smith. Unanimously approved.
  • 8.SLT report from Director of Lifespan Faith Development- Bethany Ward (report provided before meeting). Highlights include:
  • a.YRE first week launch
  • i.Smoothest the first day has ever gone since Bethany Ward has served the congregation.
  • b.Resignation of DLFD
  • i.Bethany Ward expressed her gratitude to the Board for her opportunity to serve this congregation. She reiterated that the she believes this is the best decision for the church at this time.
  • c.Planning for ARE and YRE following Bethany Ward’s departure on 9/30/16.
  • i.The ARE and YRE committees have plans in place for what to do in this type of situation so they should be confident to continue leading as planned.
  • 1.A question was asked about plans for Coming of Age.
  • a.Bethany has a list of people who have expressed interest in being Coming of Age mentors.
  • ii.Someone will need to take over as the administrator for Basecamp.
  • iii.Bethany keeps a month by month log and will update this with information the Board will need to know including passcodes and updates about where everything is that she was working on.
  • 9.SLT report from Minister- Rev. Daniel Budd (report provided before meeting). Highlights include:
  • a.Daniel Budd expressed his gratitude to Bethany Ward for their great working relationship while she served our congregation.
  • b.Plans for the 150th anniversary:
  • i.Met with the 150th anniversary committee to discuss upcoming plans.
  • ii.Hosted a gathering of area colleagues who will be helping to plan the celebratory service at Trinity Cathedral for the 150th Anniversary on January 14th.
  • 10.SLT report from Administrator - Doug Aubin (report provided before meeting). Highlights include:
  • a.First Unitarian Dashboard
  • i.Average monthly attendance in August was 62.
  • ii.The church gained one member and lost one member.
  • iii.Several new visitor cards have been turned in over the past couple weeks and those have been entered.
  • b.Doug Aubin requested assistance getting some information on the website and adding and updating webpages to it.
  • i.Cat White will schedule a meeting with Doug Aubin and Eileen McCully to address this.
  • c.Bob Romeo installed a cork floor in the preschool room.
  • d.Interviews are scheduled on 9/21/16 for a custodial position that needs to be filled.
  • e.Repairs have been made to the sidewalk as required by the city. The church saved $1,800 by using a contractor instead of paying the city for the repairs.
  • 11.Treasurer’s Report- Matt Smith
  • a.Booked the income for the year from the investments. The draw for the year exceeded the investment income by $8,343.
  • b.The budget came in at about $16,900 in the positive for the 2015-2016 church year. This includes the budgeted draw that was made from the investment account. Most of the savings was due to having to pay less in staff salaries as a result of turnover.
  • i.A question was asked about what the Board does to update the congregation about how the previous year’s budget ended up.
  • 1.Typically, a general figure is given to the congregation at the annual meeting, but no separate congregational conversation has been held in the past.
  • 2.A suggestion was made that the relevant numbers for the previous month could be put in the newsletter as a way to be more transparent to the congregation throughout the year.
  • c.Eileen McCully requested that the MCAC Event and Multi-Cultural Action Committee Reserve accounts be merged into one as the MCAC Reserve account. Matt Smith will merge these accounts.
  • d.Matt Smith is changing the way the financial reports look in an attempt to make them easier for the Board to review and discuss.
  • e.The cloud computing system is up and seems to be working fine.
  • i.Paul Breitzmann requested that he and Cat White get access to this account and Matt Smith agreed and will provide them access.
  • 12.Impact update- Shane Millette
  • a.Impact has chosen a director who will be working part time for this year.
  • b.A separate account has been created for Impact and the director will be getting a debit card for this account as they have in the past.
  • i.Matt Smith and Shane will talk and make sure that money is transferred over to this account.
  • c.A question was raised about what support was being provided to Impact by Bethany Ward.
  • i.Shane will ask Bethany Ward about her involvement with Impact and what the Board may need to do to support this program.
  • ii.Daniel Budd agreed to be a primary contact for Impact for the time being if they need support.
  • 13.Update on $10,000 donation to Living with Loss
  • a.Eileen McCully, Matt Smith, and Meg Pauken met with the auditor from Maloney & Novotny to discuss the donation made to Living with Loss. The recommendations were to:
  • i.Contact the donor and let them know that this donation is not tax-deductible.
  • ii.Issue a 1099 (miscellaneous income) for Rev. Shelden.
  • b.Eileen McCully and Meg Pauken drafted a letter to Rev. Shelden to inform her of the situation and request that she complete a W-9.
  • c.Meg Pauken spoke on the phone with the donor to let them know that the donation was not able to be tax deductible. The donor wanted to make sure the Board knows about their gratitude for the pastoral care their family member received.
  • d.The $600 fee for the meeting with the auditor will be covered by Daniel Budd per his previous agreement with the Board.
  • 14.PBG 1-4- Sherry Griswold, Cat White, Heather Torok
  • a.A monthly PBG compliance check-list was created to be used during the Board meeting to help ensure the committee has complete and accurate information when they are writing the reports.
  • b.The agenda indicated monitoring reports for GP 1-4 would be reviewed tonight, but that was an error. GP 1-4 will be presented in October, in accordance with the monitoring schedule.
  • 15.SLT Policy 2- Rev. Daniel Budd
  • a.The report has been posted on Basecamp.
  • b.Daniel reports compliance.
  • c.Paul Breitzmann made a motion to approve the SLT policy 2 report. David Kantor seconded. Unanimously approved.
  • 16.SLT Policy 7, 8- Doug Aubin
  • a.SLT Policy 7
  • i.This policy report will be tabled and reviewed during the October Board meeting.
  • b.SLT Policy 8
  • i.This policy report will be tabled and reviewed during the October Board meeting.
  • 17.Next steps regarding ministerial transition-
  • a.Discussion about whether the Board feels the congregation should have an interim minister or go another route.
  • i.A comment was made to caution the Board not to think about the interim process as being perfect and that there should be other options discussed before a decision is made, including proceeding with a developmental minister.
  • ii.A question was asked about why we wouldn’t look at a developmental minister as they can be hired at the end of the process if everyone thinks that is a good idea.
  • iii.A comment was made that an interim would be very helpful as they feel that we really have a lot of questions for where the congregation is going and what directions people want to move.
  • iv.There is some confusion amongst Board members at this time about what a developmental or consulting minister is and what they typically do.
  • b.The Board members will research more about what differences between interim and developmental ministers are and will have further discussions at the next Board meeting.
  • c.The Board discussed with Daniel Budd whether future conversations regarding planning for his successor should take place without him present.
  • i.Daniel shared that it would not be appropriate for him to guide the Board in any way in this matter and he would prefer not to be present for the discussions.
  • ii.The Board will discuss the ministerial transition at the end of Board meetings and will excuse Daniel for those conversations.
  • 18.OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for October Board meeting to be provided by Meg Pauken.
  • 19.CLOSING WORDS: Closing words by Paul Breitzmann.
  • 20.BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 8.19pm.
  • 21.Executive Session



August 2016 Board Minutes

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF CLEVELAND BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES August 16, 2016 Page 1 of 5 Board Members Present: Paul Breitzmann, James Kaltenbach, David Kantor, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Sherry Griswold, Shane Millette, Heather Torok, and Jeremy Holmes (minutes). Staff Present: Daniel Budd, Doug Aubin, and Bethany Ward. Absent: 1. CALL TO ORDER: 7:00pm 2. OPENING WORDS by Sherry Griswold 3. BOARD COVENANT: Read by those in attendance. 4. New Members: a. Welcome Heather Torok to the Board. b. Alison Bashian will not be joining the Board this year as originally thought. The Board still has one vacant position. 5. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: None identified. 6. CONSENT AGENDA: a. June Board Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve minutes made by Meg Pauken. Seconded by Matt Smith. Unanimously approved. 7. Update on Sesquicentennial- Laurie Albright a. Harriet-Abigail Ward created a logo for the Sesquicentennial that will be used in publications and promotional items. b. There are plans to try and have one special event each month during the church year. c. As part of the celebration, some long-time members are being interviewed for an oral history of the church that may be put on the website and used during services to raise awareness of the 150th anniversary and church history. d. Jan Devereux and Cynthia Taylor are spearheading plans to replace the sign in front of the church. e. Several members have been working extensively to organize the archives and have made great progress. f. The written history project is on target for spring 2017. g. Marge Wilson is planning a U.U. Tour of Cleveland sometime during the year. h. On January 14th, the anniversary of the church’s founding, Trinity Cathedral has been reserved for a gathering and celebration with UUA Moderator Jim Key. FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF CLEVELAND BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES August 16, 2016 Page 2 of 5 i. The offertory on ingathering Sunday and others will go to help fund the events throughout the year. 8. Update on Growth Through Service- Laurie Albright a. Individuals have been trained to facilitate conversations with members and friends of the church about their skills, talents, interests, and previous service experiences. This information will later be used to help connect people to service opportunities that match up well with their identified skills, talents, and interests. b. The Growth Through Service Committee is looking for people to help do “behindthe-scenes” work on projects for the committee. c. Laurie requested help from the board with technological aspects of Growth Through Service including getting information on the website in a user-friendly format. d. Laurie asked for assistance in connecting with the Membership Committee. i. Eileen McCully volunteered to speak with Laurie and provide assistance in this area. 9. SLT report from Director of Lifespan Faith Development- Bethany Ward (report provided before meeting). Highlights include: a. The paid teachers have been hired. i. A question was raised about how the Board should respond to questions about why the decision was made to pay teachers. Bethany responded: 1. Paying lead teachers is a common practice in religious education. 2. Bethany is still acting as the overall manager of the programs. The lead teachers “own” their classrooms. The lead teachers are being paid for approximately five hours of work. They will lead the majority of their classes and will delegate duties to other members of their team. 3. This will provide more teacher continuity for the children in their classrooms. 4. These teachers will have additional training requirements and meetings/supervision with Bethany, which can improve the quality of programming in the classrooms. ii. Recruitment of other teachers is ongoing. Bethany is still working on finding more teachers for the Coming of Age program. b. Impact FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF CLEVELAND BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES August 16, 2016 Page 3 of 5 i. The Impact Board voted to move ahead to hire a Program Director and offer a pilot program, two afternoons a week. ii. Candidates for the director position are being screened. iii. The team is not sure how to move forward if a new director for the program is not hired soon. iv. Shane Millette has volunteered to be the treasurer for Impact. 10. Policy-Based Governance plan moving forward- Eileen McCully a. The monitoring report for SLT 2: Treatment of Staff will remain Daniel's responsibility for the board meeting in September. Reports for SLT 7: Grants and Contracts, and SLT 8: Investment Fund remain with Doug. b. The PBG committee will advise the Board of any changes in monitoring responsibility following recent changes in staff structure. 11. Update on Membership Committee- Eileen McCully a. The new job was posted for the Membership and Community Outreach Coordinator and Eileen did some screening phone calls and initial meetings. Many of the candidates had issues with having to attend on Sunday mornings. Eileen will continue with the screening and interviewing process. b. The greeters and ushers have continued to perform their typical tasks. 12. SLT report from Administrator - Doug Aubin (report provided before meeting). Highlights include: a. The roof has been fixed and is not leaking anymore. b. The work on fixing the sidewalk is underway. c. New name tags have been printed and volunteers have come forward to help in changing over all the name tags. d. We have received 228 pledges for $468,000. Approximately 30 pledge units have not pledged yet for the 2016-2017 year. e. Numbers were reviewed from the First Unitarian Dashboard. Highlights: i. Average monthly attendance in July was 62. ii. As of 7/1/16 First Unitarian has 342 members. 13. Update on Finance- Matt Smith a. The ACS Financial Suite and People Suite have been moved to the cloud for safety and ease of access. b. Two sets of reports have been created; a summary version and a more detailed version. The summary will provide an easy quick look to the Board and the FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF CLEVELAND BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES August 16, 2016 Page 4 of 5 detailed version can be provided for vetting by the Finance Committee and to answer specific questions from the Board. i. This change was made to provide more clarity and ease of understanding to the Board. c. The June statements are the year-end statements. These are currently preliminary numbers which will be more complete in the next week as more information is gathered. i. As of now, net from operations in 2015-16 appears to be a positive one. d. A question was raised as to whether graphs or other visual representation of the numbers for the church could be included in the report. i. Matt would like to keep the basic format of the monthly reports consistent so that the Board can become familiar with the format and reviewing them with the Board will be more efficient. He suggested that he may be able to include more visuals in quarterly reports. 14. Proposal to change Finance Policy 11a.- Eileen McCully a. Currently, Finance Policy 11a reads: The following individuals shall be authorized to sign checks with appropriate documentation; Ministers (except interns or summer ministers), Administrator, Board President, and Treasurer. Two signatures shall be required for amounts over $3,000. b. The Executive Committee of the BOT proposes that the policy be amended to read as follows: The following individuals shall be authorized to sign checks with appropriate documentation; Board President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President. Two signatures shall be required for amounts over $3,000. c. A movement to vote for this change was made by David Kantor. Seconded by Paul Breitzmann. d. Discussion: i. A question was raised about how this affects Policy-Based Governance. ii. A statement was made that this may be a temporary change in response to a change in the management structure of the staff. e. The vote was taken. The change was unanimously approved. 15. Update on Growth and Development- Paul Breitzmann and Meg Pauken. a. The committee is co-chaired by Paul Breitzmann and Meg Pauken. b. Most recently, the committee was focused on the First Unitarian Dashboard and implementing the three elements of the strategic plan. FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF CLEVELAND BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES August 16, 2016 Page 5 of 5 c. The Growth and Development Committee wants to focus their energy this year on creating a new model for the church that is sustainable, given the church’s current demographic and financial challenges. This is in response to the promise the Board made the congregation when asking the congregation to run a deficit budget for the year. i. A committee retreat is being planned. d. The committee will be meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month. 16. SLT Report from Minister- Rev. Daniel Budd. Highlights include: a. Daniel has been on his summer vacation. 17. OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for September Board meeting to be provided by Paul Breitzmann. 18. CLOSING WORDS: Closing words by Sherry Griswold. 19. BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 8:27pm. 20. Executive Session


Board Minutes June 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


June 21, 2016 Board Members Present: Paul Breitzmann, James Kaltenbach, David Kantor, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Sherry Griswold, Shane Millette, and Jeremy Holmes (minutes). Staff Present: Doug Aubin, Bethany Ward. Absent: Rev. Daniel Budd, Valerie Freseman, Heather Torok 1. CALL TO ORDER: 7:03pm 2. OPENING WORDS by Eileen McCully 3. BOARD COVENANT: Read by those in attendance. 4. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: None identified. 5. CONSENT AGENDA: a. May Board Meeting Minutes. Unanimously approved. b. SLT 8 from May. Paul Breitzmann made a motion to approve, seconded by Matt Smith. Unanimously approved. 6. ADMINISTRATIVE/ANNOUNCEMENTS: a. Dues to UUA i. Eileen McCully got statement from CERG and UUA. She will give the statement to Doug Aubin. b. Church basket. i. Eileen McCully has been hearing a lot from congregants who think that we should keep the basket for the church. She asked for discussion about whether to change our practice of donating the basket. Important points include: 1. There was a congregational conversation with the church in the past that led to giving away the basket. 2. The Board will discuss the option of keeping the basket and the history of why the church gives it away at a congregational conversation. 3. An announcement will be made that individuals wishing to donate to the church can put money in the envelope and write “for church operating fund” on the envelope. Page 1 of 4 FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF CLEVELAND BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES June 21, 2016 c. G.A. delegate credentials for Mark Weber and Brian Larson. They did not get their request in to the Board on time. Eileen asked the Board for approval to provide these individuals with delegate credentials. i. A move to approve credentials for Mark Weber and Brian Larson was made by Meg Pauken, seconded by Paul Breitzmann. Unanimously approved. d. Eileen McCully made a request for presence from the Board for the upcoming Greater Cleveland Congregations event to show support from the Board for this work. e. Thank you notes. Eileen McCully requested assistance writing thank you notes for Stewardship. Several Board members volunteered to help. 7. Inactive Accounts a. Matt Smith and Eileen McCully looked at the list of the inactive accounts that have not had any activity for more than two years. This was brought up by the auditors particularly because two of the accounts have a negative balance. Accounts were brought up for discussion about what should happen with the funds in the account. It is being suggested that the identified positive accounts should be used to balance the negative accounts. i. A motion was made by Paul Breitzmann to balance out the inactive accounts per the list specified on Basecamp with the exception of the Young Adults Reserve which shall be retained and the Racial Harmony Reserve which shall be donated for the Black Lives of UU collection at General Assembly. Seconded by Matt Smith. Unanimously approved. 8. STAFF LEADERSHIP TEAM (SLT) REPORTS: a. Administrators Report­ Doug Aubin (report provided before meeting). Highlights include: i. First Unitarian Dashboard. Numbers were reviewed with the Board. 1. Avg. worship attendance for 2015­2016 is 142. This would represent a decline in attendance from 2014­2015. The Board will request attendance numbers for the Forums to include in the dashboard. 2. Doug Aubin will present the dashboard numbers to the Board on a Monthly basis. Page 2 of 4 FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF CLEVELAND BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES June 21, 2016 ii. A request is being made for funding to repair the leaking roof and parts of the sidewalk. iii. Doug Aubin has created the paper calendar for events, room requests, etc. He would like to eventually use an online calendar that could easily be printed for use by staff. b. Director Lifespan Development Report­ Bethany Ward. Highlights include: i. Review of the Lifespan Faith Development Calendar. ii. Theme­Based Ministry: 1. A theme has been identified each month to unify the various faith development programs. iii. The church’s first inter­generational faith development course will be offered in October 2016. 9. Staff Supervision Plan: a. Reporting Structure: Eileen McCully will supervise the new hire with support from Matt Smith. Matt Smith will supervise Doug with support from Eileen McCully. b. Staff Meetings: Staff meetings will occur on Wednesdays. c. Compilation of SOPs: The Board and staff will develop a list of standard operating procedures for each staff position so that in the event that a staff member need to be absent for any reason, or should there be turnover of a staff position, Board members and staff will know what duties need to be accomplished in their absence. 10. Update on New Hire: Eileen McCully has received many resumes for the new position. She will move forward with an initial phone screening to narrow down the list of candidates for face­to­face interviews. 11. Growth and Development Transition: Paul Breitzmann and Meg Pauken will take over Growth and Development. 12. Update on Social Justice: David Kantor provided an update about the social justice taskforce meetings. That team will have one more meeting before presenting their findings to the board. 13. Update on Stewardship: 207 pledges are in for approximately $443,000. Approximately 70 pledge units have not pledged yet. These units account for approximately $47,000 in pledges based on their pledge history. A suggestion was made that the first statement Page 3 of 4 FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF CLEVELAND BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES June 21, 2016 that is sent out for the 2016­17 year should include a message for people who did not pledge to notify them that a 6% increase was added to their pledge from the previous year. Paul Breitzmann made the motion to include a 6% pledge increase for those pledge units who do not send in a pledge. David Kantor seconded. Unanimously approved. 14. Board Assignments: a. Sherry Griswold and Cat White are currently on the PBG committee. Heather Torok will be asked to join the PBG committee. b. Eileen McCully asked Shane to be liaison to Stewardship and he accepted. c. Eileen McCully asked Bill Morgan to be liaison to 150th anniversary committee and he accepted. d. Sherry Griswold was asked to check in with Bethany Ward on a monthly basis to make sure the message of the Board is carrying over into the monthly themes. e. Eileen McCully would like someone to be the “region/UUA Czar” for the Board. Jeremy Holmes accepted pending more information from Eileen McCully about her vision for this role. 15. Board Members a. The Board is still short one member to fill in the position vacated by Mark Bradbourne. The Board was asked to think about members of the congregation to consider. 16. OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for August Board meeting to be provided by Paul Breitzmann. 17. CLOSING WORDS: Closing words by Sherry Griswold. 18. BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 8:33pm. 19. Executive Session Page 4 of 4


Board Minutes May 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Board Members Present: Paul Breitzmann, James Kaltenbach, Jeremy Holmes, David Kantor, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Tom McKenna and Kathleen Zassick (minutes)

Staff Present: Rev. Daniel Budd, Doug Aubin, Valerie Freseman, Bethany Ward

Absent: Sherry Griswold

  • 1.CALL TO ORDER: 7:06 PM
  • 2.OPENING WORDS by Kathleen Zassick
  • 3.BOARD COVENANT: Read by those in attendance.
  • 4.CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Jeremy Holmes and Eileen McCully are nominated as General Assembly delegates and there is a vote regarding this on the agenda.
  • 5.CONSENT AGENDA: April Board Meeting Minutes. Unanimously approved.
  • a.Delegates for General Assembly: Jeremy Holmes, Eileen McCully and Laurie Albright requested to represent church as delegates. Unanimously approved.
  • b.Annual Meeting and End of year celebration/potluck is June 12th. End of year picnic will be more special as is the end of stewardship party too. Some stewardship funds will be used for this picnic.
  • c.Reminder: Board Retreat will be June 18 (9am-4pm) at Eileen McCully’s home. Retreat ideas welcome. Usually there is a separate orientation for new members (to review PBG, finance, bylaws, printouts, mailbox, etc).
  • d.There will be a June board meeting.
  • e.Incoming Board Members to be voted on at Annual Meeting: Nominees are: Matt Smith (for a 3 year term), Bill Morgan (for a 3 year term), Shane Millette, and Heather Torok.
  • f.Paul Breitzmann nominates Eileen McCully as the Board of Trustees President for next year. Unanimously approved.
  • g.The two nominees for Nominating Committee this year are Dennis Grossman and Kathleen Zassick.
  • a.Administrators Report (report provided before meeting): Highlights include:
  • i.Pledge returns are slow. An email is going out to everyone as a reminder to pledge.
  • ii.ACS/finance system changes will be done soon with Matt’s help.
  • iii.Note: The board thanked Doug for continuing the communications in Christine’s departure.
  • b.Director Lifespan Development Report (report provided before meeting): Highlights include:
  • i.Job description for paid teachers was just posted for BOT review.
  • ii.Curriculum selected for next year. There is an overlap in the age ranges for the classes so development levels can float to the appropriate class.
  • iii.The merging of youth education groups doesn’t impact Coming of Age this year since COA occurs outside of the Sunday hour.
  • iv.Search box is sold out.
  • v.IMPACT board is doing a revisioning for the program (will take about 6 months) but that is not actively being conducted. Three students continue through May 19th. Space will be held during the revisisioning. As an aside, it was noted by the board that the restructuring of the transfer of accounts can’t be done before May 30th.
  • c.Parish Ministers Report:
  • i.The worship global ends report is deferred due to personal timing conflict.
  • ii.Kent UU church is having 150th anniversary. Daniel Budd will be sending a letter on behalf of the congregation to them.
  • 8.PBG reports: Eileen McCully led the discussion of SLT 8.
  • a.SLT 8 (Investment; provided before meeting): Discussion: The balances are correct but the unrestricted withdrawals are not matching the Huntington reports due to an error in Huntington’s quarterly report. The Huntington reports are quarterly and Doug reports monthly. Deposit won’t show up in the Huntington report until the Huntington April report (the April-June 20). SLT intent is not to access the funds improperly. In future, a note will be added in the SLT 8. A correction to the date on top is needed (says 2015; should be 2016). Vote: Kathleen Zassick made a motion, to accept the report with the discussion revisions. Eileen McCully seconded. Unanimously approved with revisions to be made (date at top and note about discrepancy in number of $15 vs $17K).
  • b.Ends Report (Learning Portion provided before meeting) will be deferred once Worship portion is done.
  • 9.BUDGET:
  • a.Liz Kantor is making round up calls for stewardship. If you have any special information about your people let Liz know. Liz’s follow up is in addition to Doug Aubin’s email blast that will be sent out. Board members can help with follow ups; need status of pledges.
  • b.Congregational Congregation was held last Sunday (May 15). Congregational Conversation discussions were productive and open minded. Some questions were: more details of budget, salaries, tenants, what staff support is needed for congregation, how to increase membership, stewardship questions. Overwhelming support for one time only deficit budget; congregation wants additional reporting on budget changes for following year budget. Board should over-communicate on this issue. One person wanted specific detailed budget; Doug Aubin already sent the most recent budget to the person that asked. When ready, the detailed line item budget will be sent to that same person but with salaries collapsed to line items (one collapsed salary and one collapsed health care line item). For congregation, we will post the high level budget.
  • c.Matt Smith reiterated the 2017 proposed budget (for the 2016-2017 church year) includes projections of pledges have not come in yet (only 58% of pledges for next year are in). There is concern that our best projection of pledges may be lower than expected. Before the annual meeting, we are not expecting many changes. We may need to do a follow up congregational conversation if are lower than expected. We will post the budget we shared last Sunday. Meg Pauken motioned to accept the proposed budget to present at the annual meeting, Dave Kantor seconded. Unanimously approved.
  • 10.GOVERNANCE: Considering changing governance reporting structure with certain staff reporting to Board, not just Parish Minister (new community relations position and administrator). Discussion of concerns: Main staff concern is if someone reports to the board, do they report to all the board or a specific person. Another concern is will the LINK policies be followed, i.e. need very clear on not bypassing a reporting structure).
  • 11.OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for June Board meeting to be provided by Eileen McCully.
  • 12.CLOSING WORDS: Closing words by Kathleen Zassick.
  • 13.BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 9:01 pm.

April 2016 Board Minutes

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016
Page 1 of 3
Board Members Present: Paul Breitzmann, James Kaltenbach , Jeremy Holmes, David Kantor, Meg Pauken, Matt Smith, Eileen McCully, Sherry Griswold, Bill Morgan, Cat White, Tom McKenna and Kathleen Zassick (minutes)
Staff Present: Rev. Daniel Budd, Doug Aubin, Valerie Freseman, Bethany Ward
Absent: None
2. OPENING WORDS by Cat White
3. BOARD COVENANT: Read by those in attendance.
5. CONSENT AGENDA: March Board Meeting Minutes. Unanimously approved.
a. End of year celebration/potluck (after annual meeting on June 12th) will be a bigger event to also serve as end of stewardship campaign party. Kitchen Crew is doing some food. Cat White and Sherry Griswold volunteered for organizing the event (activities, communication, music)
b. May 15th Congregational Conversation will be facilitated by Dave Kantor and Matt Smith. Board members should help out; see food sign-up sheet. Note: There will be a 7th/8th grade bake sale that day.
c. Delegates for GA: Any 8 delegates can apply in writing to be a delegate for the church. Eileen will write up verbiage for newsletter for Doug.
a. Administrators Report (report provided before meeting): Highlights include:
i. Check from Cincinnati Insurance arrived ($2800) to replace items.
ii. New job description is doable and will make for a comfortably busy day. In terms of membership, the roles will be clerical but also will be strategic but some items need to be negotiated (Sunday morning, committee meetings (communication and membership). Daniel will share the description.
iii. Board thanked Doug Aubin for taking on the extra duties.
b. Director Lifespan Development Report (report provided before meeting): Highlights include:
i. Senior Sunday and COA coming up.
April 19, 2016
Page 2 of 3
ii. Planning for congregational read. Book distribution and discussion will be in May.
iii. IMPACT future in discussion with Executive Team of IMPACT next week.
iv. SearchBox communications are out (email, Facebook). Orders for subscriptions can be made now. SearchBox is a care package with surprises; is a faith development tool.
c. Parish Ministers Report (report provided before meeting): Highlights:
i. Sarah Megenhardt resigned. A new job description has been drafted for a new position which combines office manager, communications, and membership coordination with clerical support to RE. Will start advertising.
ii. Appreciation for the talents of Mike Carney.
a. Stewardship update provided Eileen. Phone calls should be made soon. Major donor event is coming up; Eileen is working with Kelli McKenna on this event. May use Edwin’s for catering; money spent goes back to the program. Doug Aubin reported 100 pledges for $174k.
b. Growth and Development Committee: David Kantor and Eileen McCully presented the draft for metrics for the new strategic plan developed by the committee (provided before the meeting). Two categories of metrics: quantitative and qualitative metrics. A committee will determine method of non-quantifiable metrics. Drafted metrics with targets for 2018 were discussed. Dave Kantor made motion, Tom McKenna seconded. Unanimously approved.
c. Needs Assessment Status: Assessment of administrative functions and support of church’s needs done. Assessment will be helpful for some recommendations in light of staff changes and to support keeping ACS software but increasing awareness, training, and updated software. Still need to review finance functions; need more time to complete the assessment. Update at next board meeting and may continue into summer.
9. PBG reports: Eileen McCully led the discussion of Link Policies and GP 8, 9 and 10.
a. GP 8: Discussion: It was noted that the asterisked items need to be removed from the report. In future, we could possibly add a monthly checklist for measuring work toward the ends.
b. GP 9: Discussed what types of complaints are relevant to this policy. The new point #1 was recommended as clarification of what “significant” means.
April 19, 2016
Page 3 of 3
c. GP 10: Discussed the recommendation that the PBG policies should be version controlled. Cat and Sherry will be taking on the PBG role and will consider how to version control. Also may consider a cloud account.
d. LNK Policies 1-5: Discussion: The table in the report didn’t print out right. There was a clarification for SLT 5 that the monthly report referenced is the monthly finance reports prepared by Doug Aubin and the annual is the external audit/review.
e. Meg Pauken made a motion to approve GP 8,9,10 and LNK 1-5 with revisions noted. David K seconded. Passed unanimously.
f. Also, SLT 4 was posted with the revisions mentioned in February. Motion to accept as revised made by Eileen McCully, seconded by Dave Kantor. Unanimously approved.
10. BUDGET: Matt Smith presented the 2017 proposed budget (for the 2016-2017 church year) which may need to be revisited when stewardship numbers are in. Proposed budget takes the recent staff changes into account. Dues for district and UUA are flat but may change in future due to the dissolution of the OMD and the merging our district into CERG. Buildings and Grounds will have a $10K reserve for unplanned repairs. The expense side is well understood and reviewed. Salaries include 2 custodians (not 3). Includes 4% a draw from the unrestricted account. This is the last year we will be able to use the restricted music accounts; in 2018 we will need to put music funds back into the budget. We will discuss the proposed budget in the May 15th Congregational Conversation; issues that might come up in conversation are membership (current strategy for this critical role), revitalizing/serving current membership, expenses/revenues, and stewardship.
11. OPENING/CLOSING WORDS for May Board meeting to be provided by Kathleen Zassick.
12. CLOSING WORDS: Closing words by Cat White.
13. BOARD MEETING ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 9:00 pm.