Coming of Age and Senior Sunday

 Our Eighth Grade Coming of Age year culminates in their planning and conducting a Sunday service.  This is their passage into the High School class and Youth Group.

Senior Sunday is planned and conducted by our graduating seniors every Spring and marks their passage into Young Adulthood.

More about these aspects of our Religious Education program can be found under the Education tab.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage are a part of any congregation's life. Child dedications, weddings, funerals and memorial services mark moments of meaning for us.  Here are some brief descriptions of these passages.

Child Dedications

Child dedications are a joyous time for all - parents, relatives, and the extended family of our congregation.  Sometimes referred to as a Naming Ceremony, they are performed periodically throughout the church year and are generally part of worship on a Sunday morning.  Private dedications can be arranged for non-members; please contact the minister.


The joining together of two people in marriage is an equally joyous moment.  First Unitarian is proud to affirm the marriage of two people regardless of sexual orientation.  Please see more about getting married at First Unitarian under Members/Ceremonies.

Memorial Services

Memorial Services and Funerals are moments to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one.  Such services are created in consultation with the minister, family and (if desired) close friends.  The service reflects the life of the loved one as it also celebrates "Life in its infinite continuity and Love in its enduring significance."  Each service will vary somewhat, depending on the needs of the moment.  To arrange for a Memorial Service, please contact the minister.


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