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Programs for Junior High and Senior High Youth

Sunday Morning Programs

Grades 6-7 World Religions

Our 6/7 Grade class studies world religions.   This year they learn about the Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism.  Next year they will learn about Eastern, Earth-based and North American Native Traditions.  So over the two years, a youth will get a good grounding in knowledge of many different religious traditions

Grade 8 Coming of Age

Our eighth grade class is the time when we call on our youth to become more mature in their self-understanding.   We consider it a success if a youth graduating from this year can engage in a meaningful dialog about her or his important beliefs, and what he or she considers most trustworthy.

We ask each Coming of Age youth to present his or her beliefs to the whole congregation. We do this in early May in a special Coming of Age Sunday.

The world religions work from the previous two years helps lay the base for this Coming of Age year.

Senior High Class

Our Sunday morning class for High School Seniors is “Sacred Threads” this year. The curriculum helps youth identify unique elements of modern Asian religions and recognize characteristics that these religions share with each other and with Unitarian Universalism. It helps youth explore how attributes of these other religions have relevance to their own spiritual journeys. Sacred Threads also helps youth understand the nature of religion in human society, both as it influences their own lives as well as the relations among communities and nations.

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

For youth in seventh grade and older, we offer the Our Whole Lives, or OWL program.  OWL is pour denomination’s award-winning program about sexuality and relationships.  Participating youth find a supportive and safe community in OWL where they can better understand themselves and others in romantic and other relationships, and where they learn about human sexuality. 

 OWL for High School will be offered in 2015 .  For eight weeks at the beginning of 2015 we will teach segments of the OWL program to interested Senior High youth..

 We are offering a Junior High OWL to 7/8 graders in 2013-14.  

Committee on Youth Leadership  (COYL) 

This is a group of adults and youth from our congregation who meet once per month after church to talk about any issues of interest regarding senior and junior high youth.  Representatives from each grade level (7-12) attend, plus any other interested youth, and representatives from parents, senior high teachers, and YRUU advisors.

The first COYL meeting will be on Sunday October 13, and then regularly after than on the third Sunday of each month.


YRUU stands for Young Religious Unitarian Universalists.  We offer two groups, a high school and a junior high youth group.  Both groups also include adult advisors.  They gather outside regular Sunday school hours for fun, fellowship, worship, leadership development, and social justice work.  There are similar groups in other UU congregations nearby, and the youth from all these congregations gather from time to time for district conferences.

Our YRUU group meets two Sunday evenings per month – the second and fourth Sundays.  The emphasis in YRUU is on cultivating and using leadership from the youth themselves.  This is the key difference between YRUU and the Sunday morning high school class.  The Sunday morning class is a structured learning program; YRUU is experiential and youth led.

 youth must be high school age to participate in YRUU.   

 The adult leaders present at the YRUU meetings are called “advisors.”  Our advisors this year are Joanmarie Button and Jeremy Holmes.


The YRUU conferences here and in other nearby UU congregations are run by the Youth Adult Committee (YAC) of the Ohio Meadville District.    This YAC has adult and youth members from many congregations, and meets regularly to plan and coordinate these weekend conferences.   The Ohio Meadville district, or OMD for short, includes UU congregations in Ohio, New York State, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  One OMD staff member works part time with the YAC and to support youth programs.

The YAC does a good job running these conferences.  There are agreed on rules to keep our youth safe and secure. 

Attending a conference, or “con”


Each youth attending a con goes with a sponsor.  A sponsor is a responsible adult who attends, and participates in the conference.  Sponsors are present full time at the con, and expected to check in with their youth periodically during the con.  Sponsors can be parents, advisors, or other responsible adult. 

IMPORTANT!! Before your youth registers, they must have done the following:
• Have a sponsor
• Spoken directly to and confirmed with that sponsor
• Confirmed that they have a seat in their sponsor's vehicle BOTH WAYS
• Let their parent or guardian know that they are about to register
• Informed their parent or guardian what a CON even is
• Informed their DRE (Bethany Ward) that they are planning to register

Once they have done ALL of those things, they may begin the registration process online 


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