Youth Religious Education Committee

The Youth Religious Education Committee, with the Director of Religious Education and Religious Education Assistant, plans, supports and evaluates the Youth Religious Education Program.  The committee works to provide a structured forum in which children and adults can interact and share their life experiences and faith journeys by clearly defining roles, responsibilities, accountability and expectations. 

Members of the committee serve as liaisons to teaching teams and also focus on specific areas of responsibility, including youth worship, teacher support, teacher recruitment, curriculum evaluation and planning, social justice, communications and community events.

YRE Mission
To build a conscientious and safe environment where the YRE community can freely explore spiritual questions that help to deepen and enrich the understanding of one's self.  Our goal is to foster empowerment by inspiring our youth to seek knowledge, think critically, offer service and share worship.  In community we are dedicated to our Unitarian Universalist identity by practicing experiential learning and honoring religious pluralism.

YRE Vision
In service of our large and diverse population, the YRE program chooses to focus on who we are as a culture and where our spirituality naturally leads us. Our primary goal is to foster and strengthen the UU identity of all involved.  We acknowledge that our surroundings play an essential role in inspiring growth, therefore we plan to design a more aesthetically pleasing and functional learning environment.  We offer a unified and updated curriculum which is interwoven whit the seven UU principles as well as experiential and social justice projects designed to motivate our youth into leadership roles. It is our priority to maintain a purposeful connection to all denominations as we join together in worship, grow closer in the larger congregation and reach out in community-wide events.  As we commit to this vision it is our hope that our YRE program grows organically and attracts new families.

Sherry Griswold, Co-Chair
Meghan Breitzmann, Co-Chair
Liz Kantor
Kathleen Pierce
Lauri Gerstenecker
Mark Assel
Gabriel Torok
Kurt Ringenbach
Abigail Ward, Youth Rep
Bethany Ward, Director of Religious Education, ex officio


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