The frame goes up.


The first row of panels is installed.

The last panel is put in place.

Environmental - Solar Panel Array

Our Solar Panel Array construction began in April 2012.  The team from Bold Alternatives did a wonderful job and we have been enjoying the power of the sun ever since completion.

The Array further represents our commitment to sustainable practices evident through our Green Sanctuary program, Permaculture Garden, and recycling program.

Read the article in the Plain Dealer by John Funk about the array at


Facts About our Solar Installation

The solar array is 91.2 kilowatts and was installed in April 2012 and completed in June.

There are 380 solar modules that are 240 watts each.

The rows of solar modules are tilted to capture greater amounts of sunlight.

The carport includes an electric car charging station.

The output of the array can be monitored by the Church in real time.

The solar array will offset almost 80% amount of the power consumed by the Church.

The array was designed and installed by Bold Alternatives of Cleveland, OH.

The array is owned by Solar Action, LLC of Cleveland, OH and the Church receives the electricity at a rate that is less than that charged by First Energy.

The array was designed and installed at no cost to First Unitarian Church.

The carport will provide shade for 38 spaces (19 each North & South)

The carport is 176 feet long, 19 feet high with 13.6 feet of clearance at the lowest point on the South side and 17 feet on the North side.


 Also see an article about the array at on the Green City Blue lake's website:




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