First Unitarian Church of Cleveland
2017-2018 Stewardship Drive

Average Pledge 2016-2017: $1,950 

Major Giver Pledge: $4,000

Please submit your pledge by April 3rd, 2017  


If you have not yet pledged, please do so as soon as possible by returning your pledge form, giving online, or calling in your pledge to Doug Aubin! 

You may donate online HERE


Phone 216-751-2320 ext. 26 (Doug Aubin)

By Mail or in person at Coffee Hour in February & March


Pledge Now Online


* Required


Withdraw my monthly pledge directly from my checking account. (Call Doug Aubin to make arrangements).
I/We would like to give appreciated securities. (Call Doug Aubin to make arrangements).
I/We are happy to support First Unitarian Church as a Prime Giver.


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