Current Hipaa laws prohibit hospitals from notifying us if you are admitted. Please have a family member or trusted friend call us (216 751 2320)  in the event of a hospitalization.

Pastoral Counseling

If you feel you need to speak with a minister about a personal issue, please do not hesitate to call or email to set up an appointment. 

Members - Pastoral Care

The Parish Minister, the Rev. Daniel Budd provides pastoral care as needed for our membership.  To augment this, we also have a Lay Pastoral Care team (headed by our Community Minister Affiliated, the Rev. Patricia Shelden).  The Team consists of trained members of the congregation who provide pastoral care at the request of the Parish Minister.  If you are hospitalized, or need a home visit, please contact the Rev. Budd to make arrangements.

Pastoral Care Inservices

Pastoral Care inservices are offered periodically by Rev. Shelden on such topics as surviving during holidays after a loss, classes on death and dying, and dealing with children and loss.  These are always open to everyone.

Candles of Community

"One of the affirmations of our congregation is that in many ways, known and unknown to us, we are all one, connected and interconnected, making the joy and sorrow of any one of us the joy and sorrow of all."  Thus do we begin the part of our Sunday service dedicated to the pastoral concerns of our community.  We light candles for births, deaths, marriages, celebrations, and other life passages.  These "candles" are read by the Minister while the worship associate for the day lights the candles.  If you have a candle of community you would like read some Sunday, please contact the Rev. Daniel Budd or leave word with the Church Office.  Rev. Budd will accept "late-breaking" candles right up the the beginning of the service.

Individuals are also invited to light a candle silently before the service begins.


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