If you like to work with elementary school students, come join the six of us who

travel to Mary B. Martin school each Tuesday morning. Each of us works with

a particular teacher and his/her students for about 2 hours.  This is our second year

and more teachers are wanting to be part of the program.  Students from Pre K to

8th grade are waiting for you !

Do let us know if you are interested. Call (216 752-9493) or email ( Elaine Stevens to discuss how you might be a part of this adventure.

Many members are also involved in the Greater Cleveland Congregations' Education Task Force (see more about this elsewhere on this site.)

Growth Through Service Opportunity

FDR Partners

The vibrant GCC FDR team is looking for additional First U members and friends to join us in working with children to increase their learning capabilities and support the school community.

Detailed Description:

FDR is one of 14 Transformation Schools in Cleveland. First U is beginning its partnership with this school as a GCC congregation. We listen to what the school needs and do what we can to support them. Activities may include, but are not limited to:


Get out the Vote

Supporting Parent Involvement Efforts

Service Term: 

Full School Year

This opportunity will enable you to: 

Share your life experiences and perspective. Benefit from the opportunity to understand the perspective of young people. Experience the privilege of working with students to develop themselves and ignite their understanding of the value of learning and education in their life. Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of interconnections on all involved.

Skills Needed:

Interest in working with students ages 5-14. Willingness to instill curiosity and motivate students. Openness to help students see their adult potential, rather than limitations. Understanding that children can and do thrive, even in crisis. Ability to persist despite temporary frustrations. Flexibility.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Orientation meeting with Coordinator; obtain fingerprints through Cleveland Metropolitan School District, if tutoring.




Work with Children

Work with Adults

Contact Person: 

Rosemarie Paini, Tutoring Coordinator

Contact Person Email:

# of positions available: 



Position Open


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