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Growth Through Service is a group within the First Unitarian Community that connects members who would like to volunteer with organizations and groups in need of assistance

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Growth Through Service - Volunteer Opportunities

Growth Through Service is a group within the First Unitarian community that connects those who would like to volunteer with groups and organizations in need of help.

Current Opportunities

Forum Committee

The Forum Committee is responsible for the long-running series of community forums on a wide variety of topics, generally totaling about 20 forums each year. The forums are held from September through April on most Sunday mornings prior to the church service. Audiences range from 40-60 and above.

Members of the Forum Committee work individually as well as collaboratively to ascertain a wide variety of forum topics as part of our search for the truth (to search and to serve), as a congregational service to the community, and to support personal reflection and social action. The committee identifies and contacts potential speakers and panels with expertise in various areas, and coordinates all aspects of their appearance, including paid ads, free local media, and audio-visual recordings.

Service Term: 
2 years

This opportunity will enable you to: 

Learn about and contribute to important issues at the local, state, national, and international levels. Support members, friends and the general community via learning more, engaging in discussion and participating in a respectful, inclusive group experience.

Skills Needed:

Keep informed on current issues of wide interest. Write definitive blurbs for potential topics and speakers for forum retreats where decisions are made on topics that would attract audience attention. Willingness to contact speakers and follow up to coordinate specific arrangements. Host forums by introducing the speaker, giving announcements, enforcing time limits, microphone use, and other details concerning use of Fellowship Hall with coffee service.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements:

Committee members provide informal instruction on process and technical aspects of audio-video and You Tube technique, as well as determining content and placement of ads.

Keywords: Computer skills, Leadership, Work at home, Work with adults, Write/Edit, Work in Groups

Contact Person: Susan Alcorn 
Contact Person Email: susanalcorn1@gmail.com

# of positions available: 
The Committee finds that to do its work effectively there is generally a need for about a dozen members.

Availability:  Position Open


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