Custodial Staff

Bob Romeo
Mr. Bob Romeo

Head Custodian
216-751-2320 Ext. 30


Adam Romeo
Mr. Adam Romeo

Part-time Custodian
216-751-2320 Ext. 30

Our custodian staff take pride in keeping our building clean and well maintained.


Ms. Bethany S. Ward
Director of Religious Education

Bethany grew up the daughter of deeply religious parents in mid-Ohio and later spent her early adulthood raising her three children with her husband in Cleveland. In 1997, while seeking a religious home to nurture the spiritual lives of their children, Bethany found that the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland gave their family that very opportunity. To her delight, she also found that her own love of their newly adopted faith tradition would eventually blossom into a deeply rewarding career.

Bethany served First Unitarian first as a Religious Education teacher, then as the chairperson to the Youth Religious Education Committee. It was in this role that she changed her college major from Psychology to Religious Studies and voraciously pursued a professional career in liberal religious education.

She has served the Olmsted Unitarian Universalist Congregation as Director of Lifespan Faith Development and is currently pursuing Religious Education Credentialing through the RE Credentialing program of the UUA. She is also a member of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA).

Four years ago, Bethany and her family moved to an historic farmhouse in Bath Township, Oh, to cooperatively use the principles of permaculture to cultivate a small homestead. It is here where they now happily live and grow together, sharing their farmette with their large and beloved menagerie.

Office hours: Monday, off; Tuesday, 3:30 - 9:00 pm; Wednesday, 10 am - 9:00 (in office); Thursday and Friday, telecommute; Saturday, by appointment; Sunday, 8:30-2:00 (in office).

216-751-2320 Ext. 29


Doug AubinMr. Doug Aubin

Doug has been Administrator since 2004. He previously held a similar position at Woodline Products in Painesville, Ohio for 13 years. As the staff member in charge of day to day operations of the church building, Doug is the person to call about renting space at the church.

Office hours: Monday - Thursday, 7:00 to 2:00; Sunday 9:00 to 1:00 pm
216-751-2320 Ext. 26


Christine KozlevcarMiss Christine Kozlevcar
Office Manager

Chris has been Office Manager since 1989. Prior to coming to this church she worked in the printing and graphic art field for six years. She produces the newsletter, order of service and publicity materials for committees. She is the one to call to schedule church events on the church calendar.

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30
216-751-2320 Ext. 25


Mr. Michael Carney

Director of Music

Mike joined us as our Music Director in July 2015.  In addition to providing piano and organ music for Sunday services, he directs the Chancel Choir and the Women's Ensemble.

Hours: Wednesdays 10:00 am to 9:00 pm; Sundays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. 
216-751-2320 Ext. 23


Kathie KitchinghamMrs. Kathie Kitchingham
Membership Coordinator

Kathie has been Membership Coordinator since 1995 and a member of the church since 1959. Previous to this position she was R.E. Assistant for 28 years. She welcomes newcomers each Sunday and is in charge of Newcomer Orientations. She addresses the needs of church members and friends and helps them find a place in the congregation. She is the person to contact to schedule a wedding at the church.

Office hours: Sunday-Wednesday, 9:00 to 1:00
216-751-2320 Ext. 27


Ms. Sarah Megenhardt

Religious Education Coordinator

Sarah Garver Megenhardt was hired as our Religious Education Assistant in April 2014. She assists our D.R.E. in the running of the Sunday morning youth programs.  

Sarah has a BA and most of the coursework towards a Master’s in Psychology. She previously worked as Executive Director and founding Board President of the Community Hiring Hall; a non-profit temp agency designed to pay a living wage and path to permanent employment to Cleveland’s homeless and disadvantaged. Before that she served as the Community Outreach Coordinator and Branch Manager for the United Labor Agency. Sarah has been Board President and Acting Director for Hard Hatted Women, and a consultant to Lorain Community College’s Department of Workforce Development. She most recently worked with a group of volunteers to start Cleveland’s first Waldorf School which opened its doors at Coventry school last fall (2013-2014 school year).

Sarah comes from a long tradition of social justice and community action. She is passionate about many things, including educating children to become compassionate, self-reliant, connected and inquisitive adults. She believes that children thrive when provided ritual and ceremony, and that they need a sense of belonging and a firm understanding of their place nestled within the larger community. She believes that she has found such a place in The First Unitarian Church of Cleveland.

Sarah lives with her husband in Shaker Heights. Together they are raising and caring for two precocious, intelligent, and creative girls, two dogs, three chickens and a large vegetable garden.

Please contact her if you have any questions regarding our Youth Religious Education Program or to register your children.

216-751-2320  Ext. 28



Annual Killam Fellow

Every summer, for six weeks in July and August, the congregation hosts a student minister.  S/he conducts six Sunday services, offers an adult ed course or two, does visitation, keeps office hours, and performs other duties as directed by the Parish Minister.  Each Killam Fellow brings a unique perspective and style, and is a welcome, albeit temporary, addition to our staff.


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