Our Strategic Plan

...is overseen by our Growth & Development Committee, which reports progress and changes in the plan to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis.



First Unitarian Strategic Plan: 2021 Vision


The First Unitarian Church of Cleveland will be a continuously growing, well-

reputed UU congregation with a high commitment, close knit community

known for its culture of generosity. First Unitarian's services will be

spiritually engaging, with inspiring, dynamic music from a variety of

genres. Our adult religious education program will support the

recognition of our role as a thought leader with programs on community

issues, spiritual development and social justice. We will have a strong

youth religious education program that is appealing to diverse families.

The congregation's wide range of activities will include a focus on social

and environmental justice.

First Unitarian will have strong relationships with our surrounding

communities, maintaining an awareness of race, ethnicity and culture. We

will be recognized as an active and influential force in Northeast Ohio.


The mission of our church is:

In the tradition of Unitarian Universalism, which celebrates the divine spark in each of us, we strive to create a welcoming and diverse congregation that nurtures our spirituality, inspires our religious education, and encourages commitment and service to the community. 

Over the next three years, this plan is designed to launch three major initiatives that focus on the core aspects of our mission statement:  

Faith Development ("nurtures our spirituality")

Teaching & Learning Congregation ("inspires our religious education")

Growth Through Service ("encourages commitment and service to the community



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